Hand & Nails

Choice of over 100 colours are available. The original ‘Power Polish’ CND Shellac combines the ease of polish with incomparable high gloss shine and extended 14-day wear. Zero drying time means there’s no need to wait to grab your keys at the end of your service. No nail damage because there are no drills or nail surface filing. Voted Nail Magazine’s Best new product. Perfect looking nails for all occasions.


Colour (hands or toes)                             20.00                  

French (hands or toes)                            25.00

Shellac removal                                              

Gel  Nails                                                       45  

Gel  overlay                                                  € 35

Gel  rebalance                                             From € 35

Acrylic  nails                                               € 45 

Acrylic overlay                                           35 

Acrylic rebalance                                      From 35 

Gel or Acrylic removal                            € 15 


The 7 day manicure as seen on Xpose!

Vinylux on Hands or Toes                                          €12.00                

Vinylux French Finish on Hands or Toes             €15.00                  


Luxury Éclat Manicure

This luxurious manicure treatment includes an effervescent aroma soak, exfoliating scrub, warm aromatic towel wraps, cuticle conditioning, massage to your elbows and Nourishing hand mask and ending with perfect polish. 

60 mins                             €40 ( CND Shellac)

45mins                               €30

Éclat Essential Manicure

Basic nail care at its best. Your hands are treated to an aromatherapy soak, exfoliating scrub and warm aromatic towel compresses, while your nails are cleaned, filed, shaped, and perfectly polished! 

20 mins                           €15

Luxury Éclat Pedicure

A Luxury spa pedicure with a soothing aromatic nourishing mineral salt soak and scrub. Nails are clipped, cleaned, shaped and filed. Calluses and cuticles are eliminated. Your lower legs and feet are lavished with a creamy mask and massage and finished with long lasting polish.

90 mins                                  €55 ( CND Shellac)

75mins                                    €45

Express pedicure

In an express pedicure you will enjoy an aromatic soak followed by a quick cleanup of the soles & heels, basic cuticle care, nail filing and shaping, followed by a creamy lotion application and finished with the polish of your choice. 

30mins                              €20